Ein Gedanke zu “Offene Briefe

  1. A revised letter, please use this one!

    The existence of both orchestras, SWR stuuttgar and SWR Freiburg and Baden- Baden has been internationally extremely meaningful.
    Both orchestra each in its own way are the most important ambassadors for orchestral new music INTERNATIONALLY, not only in Germany,
    but (together with BR orchestra) IN THE WORLD, hands down.

    Combining them means destroying 2 artistic voices which are essential to the international representation of mew music.
    As far as these orchestras exist a composer can dream and discover new lands of music knowing that These orchestras can play them
    However if both orchestras will be merged, we have lost this possibility because an orchestra is not a modular object which
    can be moved around and shifted and recombined freely.

    When one understands the important function each of the orchestras carries in the international music world, it becomes apparent how irresponsible is this plan.
    This plan has simply no justification when one considers what will be lost if its implemented.

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